We have sveral projects lined up for the next couple on months. These projects will be prioritised and executed depending on the need of that specific time and available funds.


We have had three phases of Smile Project over a year and we can confidently say that lives were touched every step of the way. Lives have been touched and smiles have been put on the faces of both the young and old.

Our passion to put smiles on the faces of people all over will always be refuelled by the lives that we touch. We have a number of sub-projects under Smile Project planned for the next couple of months.

We believe that the smile project will continue to touch lives since TGI Ghana is fully committed to it.


Our greatest passion at TGI is to empower others especially the younger generation. The primary goal of TGI Ghana is to raise young individuals that are well empowered and inspired to become influential and well seasoned leaders in the future. It is our vision that the impact we make on the lives of these young ones will be transferred across generations.

After thorough engagement with students from the Junior High Schools as well as the Senior High Schools, we realized that most of these kids have no clue with regards to the courses available in the next level and the opportunities that await them. Most students in JHS did not know what different courses are available in the SHS and what career opportunities are associated with these courses. At the SHS level, students are only made to know the basic career paths that come along with the courses that they study. 

It is our aim therefore to engage these kids in discussions that will transform their minds and make them know what they can do with the great potential that exists within them in order to make the world a better place. We therefore encourage anybody out there who has the drive to come on board as we go to these schools to mentor and guide the kids to become great and successful leaders to click the button bellow to signup as a mentor.


In present day Ghana where a lot of giant strides are being made to improve upon healthcare, it is sad to come across communities in one of the nation’s developed regions, where inhabitants depend solely on the natural occurrence of rainfall and the accumulations thereafter in dirty ground basins as their only source of water. Odumtokuro and Ntokwaboba are communities in the Eastern Region of Ghana, and located about 1 hour drive off the Nsawam township.

TGI Ghana’s drive to provide support, in every aspect, to needy communities within the country; led us to embark on a Smile project in these communities. It was hard for the team to believe the terrible state of the roads that led to these places, not to mention that the closest Medical Centre and Elementary School was located about 11km from the closest village on the stretch. But more disheartening was the finding that came afterwards; THESE VILLAGES HAD NO SOURCE OF CLEAN WATER. They lamented on how the traditional hand dug open wells proved ineffectual due to the nature of the land and how children are forced to embark on long trips to fetch water from endowed communities several kilometers away; And yet, are often times denied the comfort of drinking water at their pleasure times to their complete satisfaction to avoid depletion of water storage.


Our precious project was a visit to AME Zion school at Adabra, a town in the Central region of Ghana. We donated certain essential teaching and learning materials to the students; had a doctor educate both parents and students on health related matters; and had a talk with the students about the various courses they are pursuing and their career options.

Upon our visit to the school, we noted the deplorable state some of the classroom blocks were in, and as an organization, decided to raise funds to put up a classroom block for the students at AME Zion, one classroom block at a time. Our hope is to be able to  build more than one classroom block for the school.

As of now, the chief of the town has allocated a portion of land to us where these classrooms can be put up and we have also procured the services of an Architecture to draw a plan for the classroom block. Your support will enable a child somewhere have a safe and secured classroom block to study and a place where school does not have to close down because of rain. Kindly click the button below for a quicker means of donating or explore other donate options on our donate page.

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