As an organisation, we continue to embark on projects that are aligned with our vision of caring for the needy and  empowering the minds of the younger generation. Visit our gallery to view shots from our executed projects.


26.12.14 | Madina Market

In fulfilling the Smile Project agenda, the organization on 26th December, 2014 embarked on a mini-project to celebrate the joy of the festive season with the ‘Kayayo’ group at the Madina market by organizing a Christmas Party for them. The participants were hosted to a treat of Champagnes, Fruit Juices, Pastries and a giant cake bearing the inscription “TGI Cares 4 U”. In all, more than one hundred and ten (110) participants as well as members of TGI-Ghana were present at the event. Most Participants could not hold back at showing the joy welling up within them as some broke into noticeable tears and others could not halt smiling. TGI Ghana believes that though this Smile Project event may have lasted only but an hour, the impact will forever be a memorable part of their lives.


14.02.15 | Accra Psychiatric Hospital

We were moved with compassion when our research team visited the Accra psychiatric hospital and met lovely kids in the child psychiatric ward. It was an eye opener for us to see that children that young had mental issues. We were informed that some of these kids probably had some kind of accident or health condition as babies that stopped their brains from developing further. We donated critical items including ceiling fans in the rooms for proper ventilation. Since this was on a Val’s Day, we had a love parade to put smiles on the faces of the homeless and the handicapped. 


13.02.16 | Eastern Region

We heard about the living conditions of the good people of Ntokwaboba and Odumtokuro. We were indeed touched and decided to do some more research more into the needs of these two villages. The surprising fact is that, these two villages in the vicinity of Ankwasuo are just about 30 minutes drive from Nsawam in the Greater Accra Region. The research team was surprised when they visited the villages and interacted with the town folks. The villages lack electricity, water, schools and even medical care. Many stories were told and these were confirmed when we embarked on Smile Project 3.


14.10.16 | Delcam College – Adenta

Our maiden Career Guidance Seminar took off on 14th October, 2016 at Delcam College. We mobilized passionate career guidance mentors to provide guidance to the senior high school students and answer questions that concerned their future careers. A resource person from the University of Ghana, came in to provide professional career guidance counseling to these lovely students.


23.04.17 | Madina

As an organisation, we set a goal to target students from different institutions and educational levels. To achieve this, we organized a career guidance seminar for the madina community and its environs. Students who had the opportunity to attend this meeting were mentored by volunteers and seasoned mentors from different academic fields.


02.06.18 | Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital – Accra

Our research team visited the Korlebu hospital’s children’s unit to make enquiries on some of their needs. The report from them touched us as a charity organization and we decided to embark on this worthy cause. We procured a number of essential equipment that we belive will go a long way to save lives in the children’s unit. We indeed put smiles on the faces of the medical staff and they were indeed happy to receive them in order to make their work easier and save lives as well. 


28.07.18 | Boahenkurom – Eastern Region – Ghana

We made it one of our goals in 2018 to focus on health care in deprived areas. We carried out extensive research in some areas without Health facilities and decided to have some health screening and education in Boahenkurom. As an organization, we engaged a team of health professionals comprised of: doctors, nurses, physician assistants, lab scientists, etc. to carry out the screening with a major focus on breast cancer, prostate cancer and RDT. We took the opportunity to also donate some Teaching and Learning materials to the basic school located in the community while providing some guidance and counselling. Over 500 lives were touched that day and we were glad to be a part of that achievement.


20.04.19 | Gomoa Adabra – Central Region – Ghana

As part of our core vision to “care for the underprivileged and empower the minds of others to impact this generation and beyond”, the first project for 2019 was organized by the team dubbed ‘the Future Today” at a deprived community called Gomoa Adabra situated at the Central Region of Ghana.

We donated certain essential teaching and learning materials to the students; had a medical personnel educate both parents and students on health related topics; and had a career guidance talk with the students about the various courses they are pursuing and their career options in the near future..

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